About Us

We’re a homegrown, woman-owned greenhouse and landscaping company that values the natural world and sustainable gardening. We sprouted in 1979 with Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens, a fine gardening and landscape design and install firm. In 2016, we planted our roots in a five-and-a-half-acre campus where we grow thoughtfully-selected annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies, shrubs, evergreens, fruit trees, and more. With over 40 years of experience, we’re committed and passionate about the green industry, offering native plants that provide numerous benefits to the landscape. Our staff is 75 percent female and includes expert horticulturalists who create and maintain beautiful gardens to enhance our clients’ encounters with nature. Browse our retail marketplace to find everything you need for holistic gardening and healthy living.

Heidi Heiland with Pet Dog

Our Mission

  • To enhance the lifestyles of our clients by creating beautiful and sustainable living spaces. 
  • To connect with our community through philanthropic, therapeutic, and cooperative events.
  • To provide a culture of growth and resilience for our team of horticulturalists.

Charitable Giving

We select a nonprofit each year with which we share our time, talents, and treasure. This year, we are giving to Project Sweetie Pie, an organization that works with individuals and partner organizations to achieve justice in the environment, food, climate, and economics.
We also support multiple other associations and nonprofits.

Environmental Integrity

At Heidi’s GrowHaus, green living is more than just a practice, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we

  • Provide an extensive, locally unsurpassed inventory of Minnesota-grown and native plant materials 
  • Focus on edibles, for us and for our pollinators
  • Educate our guests on sustainable practices
  • Practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for plant health
  • Grow all of our plants without neonicotinoid pesticides (a chemical that's tough on the bees)
  • Recycle our plastic pots and greenhouse poly
  • Grow in corn pots and fiber to reduce plastic use
  • Carry organic fertilizers
  • Sell rain chains and rain barrels
  • Capture and reuse water from our roof
  • Culture and sell our own Compost Tea
  • Use and sell locally sourced rice hulls as an amendment
  • Reuse our office paper on both sides of the sheet
  • Use electronic devices, online billing statements, and cloth towels to reduce paper waste
  • Leave greens debris up for the winter and not pull it off site too soon in the spring as dormant insects, good bugs, inhabit the hollow stems of plants

Learn more about our environmentally sounds practices we use in our landscape services.


Heidi’s GrowHaus & Lifestyle Gardens has received multiple awards from our industry peers and community, recognizing our land management and quality gardening skills. We have received the following honors from the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association (MNLA):

  • 2011 Judges’ Choice Award – Residential Full Yard Management
  • 2011 Merit Award – Commercial Management
  • 2011 MNLA Committee Member of the Year Award – Heidi Heiland
  • 2008, 2009, and 2011 Grand Honor Award – Residential Full Yard Management
  • 2008 Merit Award – Perennial Garden Design
  • 2008 Special Service Award for “Unique service and superior commitment to the landscape industry”

Other Awards

  • 2014 Garden Club of America’s Club Civic Improvement Award - Heidi Heiland
  • 2009 & 2010 “Best Garden Designer,” Plymouth Magazine
  • Cargill’s “Commitment to Quality” Award
  • Metro Blooms – Minneapolis – “Making Minneapolis a more beautiful city with a garden”
  • Lake Minnetonka Beautification Award
  • Beautiful Boulevards Award – City of Greenwood

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