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At Heidi’s GrowHaus & Lifestyle Gardens, we value client and customer satisfaction. From custom-designed memorial gardens that honor a loved one’s passing to teeming vegetable gardens that feed a family, our holistic creations bring color, beauty, and health to many lives. 

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I want to take the time to thank-you for an absolute wonderful experience, from start to finish, of your taking care of our patio project. We absolutely LOVE IT!!! A dark dreaded corner has turned into a slice of heaven. Thank-you. PLEASE thank the guys again for their hard work. They were so hard working and meticulous as they went about their craft. The teamwork and the smiles on their faces they displayed was mesmerizing. Can't say enough.

– Kristi and Brent A.

"It's been quite a while since I was there. I just stopped as I was in the area. Everything was so well grown and healthy. I was very impressed. Garden staff was most helpful and very friendly. I will stop by again when I redo one of my perennial beds in front."

– Marnie W.

"Excellent experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. I highly recommend. 5 stars in my book."

– Kathy G.

"Heidi’s has the most amazing selection of nursery items and retail products. We love going throughout the seasons for all our needs. The customer service level is amazing and we enjoy the hosted events throughout the year! Next year I must check out their workshops, for now I trust the talented Designers!"

– Katie R.

"So passionate about what they do. Heidi believes in what she does, it's so much more than a garden center, it's a learning center too. You can grab a head of lettuce or an apple tree, a rare plant a common annual. They have it all, and they will teach you anything you need to succeed with your plantings. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!"

– Amanda M.

"The flowers/tulips are absolutely beautiful!!!! Exactly what I wanted to see this Spring."

– Mark D.

"Thank you so much for making our home a fun place to visit, every single day."

– Tricia D.

"They are a company that is dedicated to making the customer as well as the world a beautiful and healthy place for all of us to live in."

– Vicki R.

"Just bought a Black Currant from your place! Love it and love your customer service. Thank you!!!!! A+++"

– Clara

"You are all wonderful the way you maintain and manage everything; Heidi’s GrowHaus & Lifestyle Gardens is an excellent service and I will refer you to everyone!"

– Paige A.

"Communication and follow through is wonderful."

– Donna B.

"Your crew is fabulous! Always friendly, knowledgeable and flexible!"

– Martha D.

"My garden is perfect! I appreciate most that you just do what is needed without asking. Your service is wonderful!"

– Judd D.

"Our gardens look great! We appreciate most the professional and friendly staff. They always answer questions if we have any."

– Jim G.

"Your team is great. I value your knowledge of perennials and annuals."

– Kate M.

"We are very pleased with the quality of the plant material."

– Nancy M.

"I appreciate your attentiveness to needs. Customer care and focus is super!"

– Ken M.

"You guys are great and do a wonderful job! Love you all!"

– Ann S.

"Great Team! I love my garden. It makes me happy."

– Molly R.

"It gives me great joy to look out my windows and see beautiful flowers in my window boxes."

– Peggy T.

"I love my garden. I feel peaceful here. It welcomes me home."

– Edie H.

"Thank you for listening to my money restrictions."

– Ruth W.

"Your team did outstanding work getting pots out of the frozen ground in my back yard!! Lots of ingenuity on their part—screwdrivers, hammers, shovels, makeshift pully-finally popped free! Great team work!"

– Megan M.