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More Than Just a Store

GrowHaus Garden Centre is a regenerative hub designed to empower the first-time gardener and experienced horticulturalist alike. We are a destination for gardening goods, premier plant material, and education. Here, you’ll encounter passionate people, plants, and a few friendly animals. At the GrowHaus, we invite you to see, smell, and touch. Bring your kids. Bring your curiosity. You don’t have to go far to get what you need. 

The Fruit of Our Learnings

At the GrowHaus, we believe meaningful connections with nature heal the mind, body, and soul. And we have the science to prove it! Soil releases a natural bacterium that can stimulate your body to produce more serotonin, a naturally occurring hormone. Without enough serotonin, our bodies are more prone to anxiety, depression, and other health complications. Unearth more of that happy hormone with a green thumb. 

Within our bustling marketplace, we have a children’s play area with a soil box, a workspace for growers to pot their plants, an edible lab, and space for interactive workshops. A place where healthy soil nourishes thriving plants and happy homeowners. Where gardening is enjoyable, a veggie garden is beautiful, and a visit to a greenhouse may be just what you need to blossom.

Stop by today or contact us to learn more.

Our Campus

We strive to live lightly on the land. Our five-and-a-half-acre footprint includes our retail store, guest house, three production greenhouses, a high tunnel, and an edible lab. Just beyond our main campus buildings, luscious fruit trees in season spill over into the Labyrinth. In the summer, expect to see a farm stand filled with herbs, vegetables, fruit, and other goods we grow right on campus or source locally. As a registered farm, we’ve been developing plans for our high tunnel, a tall greenhouse where we will grow crops to fill our organic farm stand. 

Campus-Garden Centre-Tunnel-Image.jpg

Our Nursery

We grow our own plant material and buy locally what we can’t produce on-site. From germination to installation and beyond, we use our resources wisely. We select plants that can tolerate drought, cultivate living soils teeming with beneficial microorganisms, and apply organic fertilizers. We use greenhouse technology that prevents moisture loss to evaporation, capture runoff water with a cistern, and recycle our compost, plastic pots, and greenhouse poly film. 


Native Plants

At GrowHaus, we cultivate, purchase, and prioritize Minnesota-grown materials to minimize shipping waste and use fewer resources. Native plants adapt more quickly after transplanting, are less susceptible to pests and diseases, feed our local pollinators, and often do not need as much supplemental watering. 


Edible Lab

Our Edible Lab provides hands-on vegetable gardening training for our staff and educational opportunities for our guests. Want to know how to tell when a tomato is ripe or how to harvest broccoli? Learn to grow your own food and see how a vegetable garden can be both beautiful and functional. Our Edible Lab shows how edible plants can be incorporated into a landscape design. This is all part of our efforts to spread the Landscape-to-Table movement. 


The Boutique

Our boutique offers hand-selected, holistic products including

  • Tools & remedies
  • Garden décor
  • Home goods
  • Gift items
  • Essential oils
  • Artisanal honey

Compost Tea

Our home-brewed, sustainable soil amendment provides holistic nutrients without the harmful salts of traditional fertilizers. We use nearly 900 gallons a week to build healthy soil for our greenhouses and our clients’ gardens. It’s that good. We combine live vegan compost with basic sugars, carbs, and micro-nutrients to grow a living system of bacteria and fungi. Compost tea does not have a shelf life, so it must be used the day of purchase, but it can be ordered by the growler or bucket at GrowHaus. 


Horticultural Therapy

Our company’s founder, Heidi Heiland, holds a certificate in Horticultural Therapy through Colorado State University and the Horticultural Therapy Institute. She has developed therapeutic programs that use plants, gardens, and other aspects of nature to improve well-being. Participants who can benefit include everyone from children and the elderly to those with developmental delays or traumatic brain injuries. Examples of detailed goals include:

  • Increase mobility
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills
  • Process and cope with loss
  • Stimulate memory
  • Expand concentration
  • Decrease isolation
  • Reduce stress
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