spring yard clean up

Now is the time to zone into the Do’s and Don’ts of spring yard clean up. Are you itching to get out and start cleaning up your yard in preparation for Spring? Read on below for some tips for what to do in your yard now in preparation for green grass and blooming flowers while being mindful of our pollinator pals and local wildlife.

Do’s and Don’ts for Spring Yard Clean Up

  • DO pick up lawn debris that has accumulated over the winter months such as trash, sticks, pinecones, any “presents” your dog may have left you, etc.
  • DON’T remove leaf litter accumulated in garden beds just yet, ground-nesting bees may still be hibernating underneath and will not emerge until mid-Spring.
  • DO get out those pruners and start pruning trees and shrubs best pruned in the spring. See our pruning guide for more information of what to prune when.
  • DON’T start planting your annuals or perennials in the ground. Although the snow is gone, soil temperature have not yet reached 50 degrees which is the minimum recommended temperature to start “digging in the dirt”.
  • DO plant up cool season annuals such as pansies, alyssum, lobelia and cool season edibles in containers. Cool season annuals can handle a light frost and temperatures down into the low 30’s and if containerized, can be moved indoors for the night if needed.
  • DON’T cut back your ornamental grasses or other hollow stemmed perennials instead if you must cut, keep at lease 15 inches of stem stubble; cavity-nesting bees may still be inside and like ground-nesting bees will not emerge until mid-Spring.
  • DO clean out your Garden Shed or Garage and get those gardening tools cleaned and sharpened for the Season.
  • DON’T worry, the grass will be green and the crocus, tulips and daffodils will be in bloom before we know it!
  • DO Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the welcoming sound of birds chirping as they are migrating back to their nesting grounds.

Now is the time to practice healthy Spring clean up. Not only will your garden look fantastic come Summer, but practicing these Do’s and working with nature actually relieves stress and anxiety; this is of most importance, especially during this time. Stay healthy, go outside and play!

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